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How toys like Rainbow Loom helps in your child’s development

Is your kid hooked into Rainbow Loom? Does your kid spend time watching how-to videos of Rainbow Loom and frequently visits pages like this one:

If the answer is yes, then you should be glad your kid is addicted to this toy. Forget about the clutter caused by those small rubber bands because this toy can actually help in your kid’s development.

For parents unfamiliar with Rainbow Loom, this is actually a set of colourful tiny rubber bands that can be woven into bracelets, keychains, rings, and many more. It can help spark your kid’s creativity and imagination.

Here are some skills your kids will develop while playing with Rainbow Loom:

1. Fine motor skills

Young kids still do not have developed fine motor skills. Creating a bracelet or ring will need good fine-motor coordination.

At first, your kid will find it difficult to put the tiny rubber bands together, but as your kid continues to practice, your kid’s hand-eye coordination will improve. Your kid will usually start with simple designs, and will, later on, try to weave the intricate ones.

2. Creativity and visualization

Weaving Rainbow Looms encourages your kid to imagine and be creative. Combining several colours and creating patterns allows your kid to think creatively. This toy will also help your kid visualize the possible outcome of different colours combined if it is going to look good or not.

3. Following instructions

Following instructions is not only important in a classroom setting but is also a necessary life skill young kids should learn. There are several tutorials available, just like the ones you can find here: Rainbow Fun.

Those tutorials can help your kid create different designs with Rainbow Loom. The step-by-step guide will teach your kid how to follow instructions.

4. Patience and persistence

Your young kid may find it difficult to even do simple designs with Rainbow Loom, even if there is already a step-by-step guide available. You will notice that if your kid really wants to learn, your kid will be patient and persistent and they will continue practising until they get it right.

5. Focus

Unlike video games and exposure to the internet, playing and weaving with Rainbow Loom can help your child stay focus. This toy teaches your kid to stay focus and concentrated on the task of finishing a keychain, ring or charm.

6. Social skills

Kids into Rainbow Loom hang out with their friends while weaving bracelets, rings, and key chains. Also, most kids hooked into Rainbow Loom swap their creations and share new ideas and patterns with their friends.

A Rainbow Loom party is actually a great birthday party theme where you can see young kids work and help together. You will also notice an improvement in how kids cooperate, share, and deal with their friends in a group.

This toy is addictive not only for young kids but for adults as well, so why don’t you join and bond with your kid as you create different styles with Rainbow Loom.

Playing Rainbow Loom is an educational activity your kid will surely benefit from.